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Arid Island Music Jams every Wednesday evening at the Canela Café in Lajares, Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands


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Go to the Latest Sounds…

AridYouTubeArid Island MusicArid Soundcloud invites you to freely enjoy some sample sounds from recent sessions, concerts and work-in-progress from musicians performing in the Amusik, Le Caravan, Canela Jam Band and other Arid Island and associated formations.

Audio tracks are stored only on this site and/or at Soundcloud at present and can be accessed here (select from the above menu or see below) and on the Arid Island Soundcloud Channel. Videos can be found at the Arid Island Youtube Channel, or as linked from this site.

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Follow aridisland.com to follow the development of some, we think you will agree, interesting musical projects revolving and evolving around the figure of that very versatile musician, the polydextrous multi-instrumentalist, musical director and producer Marco Fernández Carrascosa and the Amusic Sociedad Cooperativa Integral based in and around the village of Lajares in the North of the Canary Island of Fuerteventura off the Atlantic coasts of Southern Morocco and Western Sahara, in the Spanish Province of Las Palmas on the Ultra-periphery of the European Union. End of the World Music.

Arid Island Music is End of the World Music (Lajares Jazz, World, Swing, Folk, Rock, Soul, Rhythm & Blues… enough with the genres already) and is a futuristic project of the Amusic Sociedad Cooperativa Integral of Lajares, Fuerteventura. We help create, produce, record, publish and perform music inspired on this island.

Introducing the Boardriders Band. Live at Boardriders Bar/Restaurant, el Campanario, Corralejo, Fuerteventura on March 16th 2014

The Boardriders Band is Tri-Fin + Richie Rubio playing acoustic guitar. Hear them play on Sunday evenings at Boardriders Bar/restaurant in the Campanario in Corralejo, Fuerteventura.


Makena: Tumbling Down Again. Canela Jam March 19th 2014

This is spontaneous improvisation featuring the mystical voice of Makena and the Canela Jam Band.


Profound, profundo (Typical crazy Canela: Truth).:


Oh. Now. Georgia’s On My Mind (and more…).

With Luke from Wexford’s extremely beautiful violin. Thanks, man.

… and The Tears Flowing Slow (Tide Running Low)…



Going Down Slow: MdM

with Marco Fernández Carrascosa, and the Canela Jam Band (who played the harmonica?)



7 Tracks from the first Jam (08/01) of 2014…


Tom Rohm: http://www.tomrohm.com/links.html


Ummm… Originals/Covers… The usual, copyleft and rightz etc… Please respect.

Someday I’ll Care Jam Nº1

MdM and an incarnation of the Canela Jam Band performing a Jam (soundcheck, actually) version of the MdM / Marco Fernández Carrascosa composition “Someday I’ll Care”, copyright ©2013 MdM and Marco Fernández Carrascosa. MdM’s voice; Richie laying down that nice rhythm on the acoustic guitar; Marco’s electric guitar; Emilio Diena on drums, once he arrives…:

Recorded at the Canela Café last 25th of September

The following number, on the other hand, was recorded last June 12th. “Take Time”, another MdM / Marco Fernández Carrascosa composition and work-in-progress featuring MdM’s voice, Marco’s flugelhorn, Powlean’s guitar; copyright ©2013 MdM and Marco Fernández Carrascosa:

Ok, so since we’re on a roll, let’s continue with the following numbers recorded at the Canela Café jam session of November 27th, both featuring Matt Makena’s voice and lyrics; Marco’s flugelhorn. Canela Jam Band music. “Money Colour Red“:

And “Another Way“:

Simon KorsakFinally, and changing the mood slightly, here we find Marco’s trumpet and flugelhorn and another nice example of his ‘slow hand’ electric guitar style playing with our friend, collaborator and fellow member of the creative cooperative, the Amusic Sociedad Cooperativa Integral, Simon Korsak (check out his web site for some nice sounds), recently returned from the US tour and with a new album available, on a new composition of Simon’s, a work-in-progress which we’ll call here for now “Simon’s Song Nº1“, an original composition, lyrics and music, copyright ©2013 Simon Korsak, with Simon’s voice and acoustic guitar (and the usual Canela Café background accompaniment), and joined by Jagan on the bongos:


Le Caravan in Concert at the Corralejo Blues Festival, 2013: Videos

“Sweet Honey, Sweet Harmony” with Matt Makena and Indra, Nov 6th 2013.

with the Canela Jam Band. Introducing Indra. Dedicated to Lou Reed out there on the wild side.

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(Below) Matt and Indra performing on a Friday at sunset in the old port of El Cotillo, on the coast just down the road from Lajares. Beautiful sunsets out West over the Atlantic there… Clear clean air.

2013-11-27 11 47 02