Marco Fernández Carrascosa is from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, one of the twin capital cities (with Las Palmas on the neighbouring island of Gran Canaria) of the Canary Islands. marco-trompeta Marco was for many years the resident musician at the Bahia Real and Atlantis Palace (now Barceló Corralejo Bay) Hotels in Corralejo, where he honed his piano improvisation skills to a high degree whilst also organising impromptu jazz ensembles and sessions as well as contributing his composition and performance skills to various musical and theatrical productions on the island of Fuerteventura.

Marco, a graduate of the musical Conservatory of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is the kind of musician who can more or less pick up any instrument and play it straight away. Guitars, loopstation, piano, drums, trumpet, flugelhorn, soprano sax, flute, … and a fine melódica are amongst those that have featured over the most recent sessions in and around Corralejo and Lajares. Many of those instruments, of course, he has already studied, practiced long and hard, and played.

In this sample, Marco first records the piano, then plays a muted trumpet over the piano track. What you hear, of course, is seamless. I’ve dubbed it “El Patio de Córdula“, by the side of which late one night in July this music was created (composition and digital recording copyright ©2013 Marco Fernández Carrascosa):

2013-09-20 21 43 04

And here, composed and performed spontaneously at Casa Nati in Lajares, 10 minutes of moody piano we’re calling “Casa Nati Nº1“, followed by a piece we’re calling “Al Sepharad” (compositions and digital recordings copyright ©2013 Marco Fernández Carrascosa):