Sample: rehearsal: original composition copyright ©2013 Marco Fernández Carrascosa; ambient sound recorded after dark in Emilio’s garden, Lajares, July 20th 2013: “Kalima Casa Nati“: (Lajares Jazz):




Beyond Marco himself, the Tri-Fin trio is the basic formation that powers much of the music he is producing right now. Consisting of Emilio’s percussion, Jean-Philippe’s bass guitar and Marco playing amplified acoustic guitar through a loopstation, Tri-Fin can often be heard playing live at various locations on the island, and when accompanied by vocalist Marina the band becomes the Amusik quartet. Tri-Fin and Amusik often form the nucleus of the Canela Jam Band, but with Marco playing wind and brass alongside others’ guitars. Tri-Fin, Amusik and the various incarnations of the Canela Jam Band (every Wednesday evening at the Canela Café in Lajares) operate as the musical workshop platform out of which, we think you will agree, some nice music is emerging. Watch this space.

Amusik at the Canela Café, 2nd October 2013

We walked in on the Amusik Quartet working on some numbers and jamming at the Canela Café in Lajares on 2nd October 2013. This is what was going on then. Emilio Diena, drums; Jean-Philippe Bordenga, bass guitar; Marco Fernández Carrascosa, electric guitar; MdM, voice:

Emílio Diena


Tri-Fin percussionist Emilio Diena began to play drums at the age of 13 and in subsequent years played as a professional in a Neapolitan orchestra. This was the beginning of a long journey full of studies and experiences that have brought him as far as playing here, in Fuerteventura.
Emilio Diene
What matters is not success as such; it is that by seeking in the universe of music one comes to feel alive.”

Jean-Philippe Bordenga


Tri-Fin, Amusik and frequent Canela Jam Band bass guitarist Jean-Philippe (Felipe) teaches surfing on the North coast of Fuerteventura and sails a fast “Raka” Wharram catamaran off the Provençal coast of Cannes, his family home. So his bass-playing rolls very like the waves.


Jean-Philippe’s first guitar was a Fender, back when I think he said he was thirteen, in France. Some people have all the luck.


Sample: (from: “Tabaiba”)


When MdM joins the Tr-Fin trio it becomes the Amusik Quartet

Originally from Naples, MdM has been singing all her life; it just comes naturally. But she has also trained her voice; a very special voice, as you will no doubt observe. A graduate of the Bernstein School of Musical Theatre, Universitá di Bologna and the Canto Teatro Danza, since settling in Fuerteventura MdM has produced, directed and performed in many works of theatre, dance and music on the island, and has worked in video and film production here. Currently working with Marco Fernández Carrascosa and Arid Island Music and the Amusic Cooperative on this creative musical adventure we are embarked on here, MdM is songwriter of most of the lyrics that in combination with Marco’s and other Tri-Fin/Amusik components’ compositions go to make up the sounds which we invite you to freely enjoy here on this Arid Island site.