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Sample: (ambient sound from the magical Canela Jam that came together on the 19th of June 2013: Emma with the Canela Jam Band singing “You’ve Got The Look Of Love!“):



July 2013: The singer-songwriter, composer and pianist Emma, one of Lajares’s favourite people from Bilbao currently living in Belgium, seen here contributing to the Canela Jam on Wednesday 19th June 2013, has been recording some digital mixes with us here on the island.

Emma is working to thoroughly protect her copyrights as composer and lyricist, with documentation of the creative process including a live CD recorded by Arid Island in Lajares on Thursday 20th June 2013, before proceeding to publish a set of beautiful and deeply passionate songs that we have no doubt will move many… This project has for now been put on the backburner due to other commitments. For updates follow us right here at Arid Island Music.

Rumba from the Seahorse, El Cotillo, 11/11/13

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North of Fuerteventura, La Oliva:

Unedited, untxouched.

(“Rumba”, from the City of Barcelona, Spain).

“Flamenkito”: José Blanco and José Arroyo, with Marco Fernández Carrascosa.

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