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Go to the Latest Sounds…

AridYouTubeArid Island MusicArid Soundcloud invites you to freely enjoy some sample sounds from recent sessions, concerts and work-in-progress from musicians performing in the Amusik, Le Caravan, Canela Jam Band and other Arid Island and associated formations.

Audio tracks are stored only on this site and/or at Soundcloud at present and can be accessed here (select from the above menu or see below) and on the Arid Island Soundcloud Channel. Videos can be found at the Arid Island Youtube Channel, or as linked from this site.

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Follow aridisland.com to follow the development of some, we think you will agree, interesting musical projects revolving and evolving around the figure of that very versatile musician, the polydextrous multi-instrumentalist, musical director and producer Marco Fernández Carrascosa and the Amusic Sociedad Cooperativa Integral based in and around the village of Lajares in the North of the Canary Island of Fuerteventura off the Atlantic coasts of Southern Morocco and Western Sahara, in the Spanish Province of Las Palmas on the Ultra-periphery of the European Union. End of the World Music.

Arid Island Music is End of the World Music (Lajares Jazz, World, Swing, Folk, Rock, Soul, Rhythm & Blues… enough with the genres already) and is a futuristic project of the Amusic Sociedad Cooperativa Integral of Lajares, Fuerteventura. We help create, produce, record, publish and perform music inspired on this island.